It has been shown that Islam is not in conflict with science and that Al-Qur'an does not contradict or negate modern scientific findings or discoveries. On the other hand Western scholars have praised and credited Islam for the preservation and advancement of scientific knowledge by Muslim scientists, physicians and technologists. 1.400 years later, modern science is bringing to light the truths on confirming what has been revealed in Al-Qur'an. A learned Muslim will find in the Qur'an scientific truths and realities.

Qur'anic Revelation

(Have you not seen how Allah drives the clouds, then gathers them, then makes them layers, you see the rain come forth from between them...) [24:43].
Here Allah Ta'ala is describing the formation of rain clouds and the rainfall from the clouds. This phenomenon is very common and known to the human being. But what is not known to the human beings are the truths that are found in the following ayat from the Noble Qur'an.
(...and caused water to descend from the heavens..) [Surah Baqara:22; Surah Ibrahim; 32; An-Nahl 10 & 65]

Now the question is why does Allah Ta'ala say that He causes the water to descend from the heavens, in contradiction to the An-Nur 24: 43 verse cited above. If carefully studied, the followi:ng verse makes no sense and the disbelievers would belittle the Noble Qur'an word of Allah.
(...He sends down from the heavens from the mountains therein of hail...) [24:43].

Hail is frozen rain or stones of frozen water. This ayah very clearly states that Allah sends down from the heavens mountains containing balls or comets of ice. According to this ayah, mountains of ice or comets of ice are sent down from the heavens (space) towards the earth. Until 1986 this phenomenon was not known to mankind. In 1988 this phenomenon was confirmed scientifically.

Scientific Discovery

The story of this startling scientific discovery and its confirmation by experimentation is worth mentioning here.
Dr. Louis Frank, a Physicist of lowa, lowa city, studied the data gathered from 1981-1986 by Dynamic Explorer I Satellite. The satellite took ultraviolet images of the earth, particularly the air glow around the earth. In these images Dr. Louis Frank found holes punches through the atmosphere. These holes could not be explained. He discarded dozens of explanations after analyzing them. He finally concluded that the holes could only be made by snowballs or comets of ice coming from space. He estimated the weight of each comet to be 100 tons and they are coated with black hydrocarbons. They are falling on the earth at the rate of 10 million a year (27.397 per day or 19 every minute).
The snowball or comet of ice measures about 30 feet across. Dr. Clayne Yeates, a Physicist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California told this writer that the comets of ice or snowballs are moving at 10 kilometers per second (21.600 MPH) relative to the earth and at about 1.000 km. (600 miles) above the earth, They break up (into hail) due to tidal waves and would then flash to vapor in the atmosphere. Finally the vapor would fall as rain and joins the earth's water cycle. Dr. Louis Frank's calculations show this would contribute the equivalent of one inch of water all over the earth's surface every 10.000 years. The earth was formed 4.9 billion years ago and if this has been happening since formation of the process it would provide enough water for the oceans and the polar ice packs.

Experimental Proof

Dr. Yeats used a powerhl space search telescope at the Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona. Using this telescope he scanned the snowballs or icy comets. By swinging the telescope, similar to a shot gun at a skeet shoot, he photographed the descending icy comets approaching each. He told this writer that viewing through this telescope he was able to see the icy comets 150.000 km. or 90.000 mile above the earth (or the heavens). Dr. Yeates said, "It was remarkable. The results agreed exactly with the predictions."